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  The residential complex is located in the most equipped, and at the same time in one of the most eco-friendly parts of the city. Nearby - the central street of Lenin, in a few quarters- the embankment of the Dniester. In addition, in the immediate vicinity there are shops and pharmacies, consumer services and gas stations, a kindergarten and a school, a restaurant and an entertainment center. The residential complex Preobrazhensky is designed in such a way that, living in the center of the city, its residents will have a homely and a welcoming feel, and will not depend on public utilities.
  The central porch overlooking Moskovskaya Street is equipped with an intercom, as well as the entrance from the yard. For the convenience of the Preobrazhensky
 residents, in the courtyard there is a well-maintained recreation area and a large children's playground, that allows you to feel the isolation from nearby buildings. For residents, in the courtyard, a covered parking lot has been designed and for guests, who have arrived by their own transport, there is an expanded parking lot by the street side.

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  The first project of elite rezidential complexes implemented in Bendery and throughout Transnistria. It is located in the heart of the city, on the corner of Sovetskaya and Moskovskaya streets. By the middle of the 19th century, when these streets were named Cathedral and Pavlovskaya,respectively, the city Council building was at this place. Its architectural appearance was employed for the new
residential complex.
  For example, not only the general appearance of the building, but also the features of windows, elements of moulding Stucco decoration and original cornices completely coincide. Otherwise, “Preobrazhensky” is a modern residential complex of increased comfort, combining unique architectural solutions with world standards of urban life.
  The residential building of the complex was built according to an exclusive project from modern and safe materials. Absolute seismic resistance, the thermal and acoustic insulation - all this was planned at the design stage and implemented at the highest level. A fully autonomous heating and hot water supply system, in addition to its basic functions, will save on utility costs and not pollute the environment with harmful materials due to modern and ergonomic technological solutions. Communication solutions are also made in accordance with modern requirements. In addition to standard telephone and television lines, the residential complex is equipped with a fiber optic cable that provides digital television services, telephone connection and high-speed Internet.
  The feature of the “Preobrazhensky” residential building is its front hall, that presents a unique solution for the residential sector of Transnistria. Spacious, made in
classical style, with rich interior decoration, it not only recalls the traditions of the noble houses of pre-revolutionary Russia, but also symbolises the exclusivity of residential apartments and the high status of residents.
  Apartments in the residential complex “Preobrazhensky” are designed in open planning, with an area of 65.8 sq.m. up to 127.6 sq.m. High ceilings up to 3.7m, thoughtful organization of space and a minimum of load-bearing structures provide the client with maximum freedom in choosing of a planning. You can entrust the decision referring to the interior design to professionals.
Our designers will develop an individual project for planning, design and decoration of
apartments in different styles and taking into account the preferences of the customer.
Premium residential complex
Unique interior
Free layouts
The developed infrastructure
The parking lot
Inner courtyard

Interest-free instalment directly from the developer with the original 20% deposit.

10-year mortgage rates.

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